Facility Management

Whatever the nature of your business, providing efficient and effective facilities services within budget can be a complicated business. Total facilities management directly provides one point of contact.

Facility Management


Total Facilities Management


Efficient and effective facilities management


Whatever the nature of your business, providing efficient and effective facilities services within a budget can be a complicated business. Total facilities management directly provides one point of contact. As an experienced total facilities management company, HEGEL provides one trusted point of contact that can be relied on 24/7 throughout the year to get the job done.


HEGEL prides itself on getting to know its clients and their business inside out. We listen to our clients, building strong relationships and understand their needs to deliver an efficient, effective, responsive and flexible service. This approach enhances the quality of that service delivery and provides the opportunity for continuous improvement across the range of services. Our total facilities management solutions enable our customers to focus on what matters most: their core business.


A total facilities management solution can incorporate all facilities management service lines, from maintenance and building fabric repairs to catering and cleaning under a one-team model that enables cross-skilling and multifunctional responsibilities throughout the various service streams. As an experienced total facilities management service provider, HEGEL provides a streamlined governance structure and delivers increased efficiency and value for money.


Customers who have taken a step towards total facilities management are also seeing some non-cost benefits including flexibility for adapting to any unforeseen circumstances including robust disaster recovery planning and improved accountability and tracking of service delivery performance. Through total facilities management, many clients also require CAFM systems that offer a single view of all services and maintenance activities and track every location, asset, and person to streamline planned preventative maintenance (PPM) tasks as well as reactive tasks.


HEGEL can adapt its bespoke system to our customers’ needs and integrate this with their internal systems, offering complete flexibility for a job assignment, management, and completion.


Integrated Facilities Management


Increased efficiency and value for money with integrated facilities services


Buying a customized bundle of integrated facilities services to meet an organization’s facilities management needs is an attractive option which can enable customers to do more for less. As organizations expect more from their buildings, they do not want to take on the costly, complex and increasingly technical burden of managing modern working environments. For many senior managers, running a support operation with the scope, scale, and skills to manage their building portfolio is a problem, which can distract them from growing their core business.


No matter what level of facilities management services you require, HEGEL can provide all of your facilities services with experience and expertise, eliminating complex supply chains which duplicate management levels and costs. As an integrated facilities management provider, HEGEL offers a streamlined management structure which delivers increased efficiency and value for money. A pool of motivated, multi-skilled, multi-tasking people looking after integrated facilities services across all your sites also means excellent service and seamless experience.


Property and Energy Management


As the average lease length reduces, property occupiers find themselves with increased opportunities to relocate and gain the benefits that come from not being tied to a property that is not working for them. HEGEL provides expert asset, property and facilities management services that mean our clients maximize on the returns from their commercial property portfolios, whatever their business. With over ten years’ experience in the real estate market, HEGEL is helping investors drive solid returns from their property investments, whether it be an office, retail or mixed-use developments. 


Asset Management Services


We provide advice and help you develop strategies to manage your property portfolio, including the acquisition and disposal of property, financing options, leasing, and development. Find out more about our strategic approach to asset management.


Energy Management Services


With CSR targets high on the list of priorities for most businesses, monitoring, regulating and reducing power consumption is vital to meet these requirements. HEGEL offers a broad range of solutions to help our clients achieve these targets; from procuring energy through to a full building retrofit. Find out how our energy programs can help your business. 


Property Management Services


We manage all property services, leaving our clients free to focus on their core business. We look after relationships with managing agents as well as your tenants, managing all your property financial arrangements, tenant works, and improvements as well as providing fully integrated facilities management. Find out what our asset management services mean for your organization.

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