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AutoX™ Plus Extrication Gloves

AutoX™ Plus Extrication Gloves

AutoX™ Plus Extrication Gloves with PTFE Breathable Vapor Barrier features Kevlar® stitching, melt-resistant fingertips, orange with black trim and padding. PTFE breathable vapor barrier provides resistance to blood-borne pathogens, water and viruses.


Polyurethane and synthetic finger tips won’t melt and will withstand contact with hot materials up to 212° F. Index finger and thumb joint reinforced to minimize wear. Puncture-resistant palm pads and abrasion-resistant fingers and knuckles. Reflective and padded area on back of hand. Ideal for emergency rescue situations requiring puncture, heat and abrasion resistance while maintaining close range dexterity.


Glove TypeMechanics/Trades
SizeS / M / L / XL / XXL

12 months warranty

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