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D-155WP Demco 4 Tone Sounder/ Beacon WP

D-155WP Demco 4 Tone Sounder/ Beacon WP

Model D-155WP


DEMCO Electronic Sounder D-145 and Sound/Beacon D-155’s compact design is acoustically very efficient, capable of generating high sound output (103 dBA) at low current levels (13mA at 24V DC). They also have a wide angle uniform sound distribution providing good audibility in all directions, thus making them ideal for fire, security and hazard warning. Both of these conventional wall mount devices are available in 4 tone versions with locally controllable output levels to enable the sound intensity to be adjusted to suit the application. Both D-145 and D-155 operate over a wide input voltage range of 8 to 35V DC, and are optimised for use at 12V and 24V systems. If required, the use of a third wire enables a second stage alarm to be switched to override the selected tone. These versatile features allow both models to work seamlessly with most detection systems incorporating central control equipment. Combining performance and functionality, DEMCO D-145 and D-155 are designed to be fully comply with EN54 and meet protection rating IP65.

12 months warranty

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