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Edwards EST SIGA-CR Control Relay Module

Edwards EST SIGA-CR Control Relay Module



The Control Relay Module and the Polarity Reversal Relay Module are part of the Signature Series system. They are intelligent analog addressable devices available in either plug-in (UIO) versions, or standard 1-gang mount versions.


The SIGA-CR/MCR Control Relay Module provides a Form “C” dry relay contact to control external appliances such as door clos- ers, fans, dampers etc. This device does not provide supervision of the state of the relay contact. Instead, the on-board micro- processor ensures that the relay is in the proper ON/OFF state.


Upon command from the loop controller, the SIGA-CR/MCR relay activates the normally open or normally-closed contact.


The SIGA-CRR/MCRR Polarity Reversal Relay Module provides a Form “C” dry relay contact to power and activate a series of SIGA-AB4G Audible Sounder Bases. Upon command from the Signature loop controller, the SIGA-CRR reverses the polarity of its 24 Vdc output, thus activating all Sounder Bases on the data loop.


Standard-mount versions (SIGA-CR and SIGA-CRR) are installed to standard North American 1-gang electrical boxes, making them ideal for locations where only one module is re- quired. Separate I/O and data loop connections are made to each module.


Plug-in UIO versions (SIGA-MCR and SIGA-MCRR) are part of the UIO family of plug-in Signature Series modules. They func- tion identically to the standard mount versions, but take advantage of the modular flexibility and easy installation that characterizes all UIO modules. Two- and six-module UIO motherboards are available. All wiring connections are made to terminal blocks on the motherboard. UIO assemblies may be mounted in Edwards enclosures.


Standard Features


  • Provides one no/nc contact (SIGA-CR/MCR)


Form “C” dry relay contact can be used to control external ap- pliances such as door closers, fans, dampers etc.


  • Allows group operation of sounder bases


The SIGA-CRR/MCRR reverses the polarity of its 24 Vdc out- put, thus activating all Sounder Bases on the data loop.


  • Plug-in (UIO) or standard 1-gang mount


UIO versions allow quick installation where multiple modules are required. The 1-gang mount version is ideal for remote locations that require a single module.


  • Automatic device mapping


Signature modules transmit information to the loop controller regarding their circuit locations with respect to other Signature devices on the wire loop.


  • Electronic addressing


Programmable addresses are downloaded from the loop con- troller, a PC, or the SIGA-PRO Signature Program/Service Tool; there are no switches or dials to set.


  • Intelligent device with microprocessor


All decisions are made at the module to allow lower com- munication speed with substantially improved control panel response time and less sensitivity to line noise and loop wiring properties; twisted or shielded wire is not required.


  • Ground fault detection by address


Detects ground faults right down to the device level.

12 months warranty

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