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Edwards EST SIGA-IO Universal Input/Output Module

Edwards EST SIGA-IO Universal Input/Output Module



SIGA-IO and MIO Input/Output Modules are intelligent analogue addressable devices that form part of EST’s Signature line of products. The actual operation of the SIGA-IO and MIO is determined by the “personality code” selected by the installer, which is downloaded to the module from the Signature loop controller during system configuration.


Depending on their assigned personality, Input/Output Modules provide the following modes of operation:

Output with monitor input (two personalities) Input/programmable output (eight personalities) Each IO module requires one module address.


Standard Features


  • 10 modules in one


Multiple applications including normally-open or normally- closed alarm relay and latching or non-latching alarm inputs. The installer selects one of up to 10 personality codes to be downloaded from the loop controller.


  • Adjustable time delays


User sets the expected response time (5 - 120 seconds) for maximum flexibility.


  • Plugin (UIO) or standard 1-gang mount


UIO versions allow quick installation where multiple modules are required. The 1-gang mount version is ideal for remote locations that require a single module.


  • Automatic device mapping


Signature modules transmit information to the loop controller regarding their circuit locations with respect to other Signature devices on the wire loop.


  • Electronic addressing


Programmable addresses are downloaded from the loop controller, a PC, or the SIGA-PRO Signature Program/Service Tool. There are no switches or dials to set.


  • An intelligent device with a microprocessor


All decisions are made at the module to allow lower communication speed with substantially improved control panel response time and less sensitivity to line noise and loop wiring properties; twisted or shielded wire is not required.

12 months warranty

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