Jonesco JBKE72 Double Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Jonesco JBKE72 Double Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

A range of strong, durable front and top-loading boxes for 2-12 kg fire extinguishers, available in a choice of sizes and access options.

  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Truck or wall mountable
  • Buckle web strap for securing fire extinguishers
  • Strong, durable front loading boxes for 12 kg fire extinguishers
  • Access options: plastic toggle(s) OR break-glass facility
  • Feet for use when free-standing (KIT52)
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • UV blocking moulded-in polycarbonate windows
  • Label(s) supplied loose
  • Automotive-grade rubber seal
  • Left or right hinged mounting
  • Wooden base plate


BREAK-GLASS FITMENT: The key for the cabinet is located behind a clear plate, which is held in place with two plastic fasteners. In an emergency, the clear plate can be broken away, providing access to the key for the cabinet. A new clear plate can be re-attached using the same plastic fasteners.


H x W x D (mm): 720 x 585 x 270 (external)
H x W x D (mm): 650 x 530 x 210 (internal)
Box weight (kg): 8
Box type: Front loading
Extinguisher (kg): 12 (2)
Plastic toggles: Yes


12 months warranty