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Salwico EV-P Optical Smoke Detector

Salwico EV-P Optical Smoke Detector



Salwico EV-P is designed to alert you to the presence of smoke in a controlled area. At the same time, the detector provides a high degree of protection against unwanted alarms. Salwico EV-P equipped OmniView 360 °. The detector will operate in marine environments, if it is installed splash proof base. Technical ADREM detector installed special software tool. Valid addresses 1-254.


Optical Salwico EV-P smoke detector has a fine mesh, which improves the response to smoke, and also reduces the amount of dust, etc. entering the detector.

Salwico EV-P features for TV signal output.




Rated voltage - 24 V DC

Operating voltage - 20-37 V DC

Operating Current - 0.2 mA

Tripping current alarm - 5 mA

Remote indication - max 3 mA

Protection - depends on the base

Cable terminals - depending on the surface

Operating temperature range: -25 ° C to + 70 ° C

Humidity: 0-95% RH

Material - PC / ABS

White color

Weight (without base) ~ 120 g

12 months warranty

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