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Simplex 4098-9714 - Photoelectric Smoke Sensor

Simplex 4098-9714 - Photoelectric Smoke Sensor



The 4098-9714 Simplex sensor head’s design provides 360° smoke entry. For this reason, it has an excellent response to smoke in any direction. Due to its photoelectric operation, air velocity is not normally a factor, except for impact on area smoke flow.


Main features


  • It can be used at the ceiling or at the wall.
  • It is listed to UL 268 and ULC-S529.
  • The louvred smoke sensor design boots smoke capture by directing flow to the chamber.
  • Designed for EMI compatibility.
  • The magnetic test feature is provided with the 4098-9714 Simplex smoke detector head.
  • Different bases are available to support a supervised or unsupervised output relay. It can also support a remote LED alarm indicator.
  • Digital transmission of analogue sensor values via IDNet or MAPNET II two-wire communications


Digital Communication of Analog Sensing


Analogue sensors provide a measurement digitally communicated to the host control panel. Then, at the control panel, the data is analyzed and an average value is set and stored.


The heat sensors provide


  • Three fixed temperature sensing entrance: 135° F, 155° F, and 190° F.
  • Rate-of-rise temperature sensing.
  • Utility temperature sensing.


Intelligent Data Analyses in 4098-9714 Simplex


By monitoring the sensor’s average value, this sensor head provides a continuously shifting reference point. This process compensates for environmental factors, such as dust and dirt, and component ageing, for example. It also provides an accurate reference for evaluating new activity.


Timed/Multi-Stage Selection


You can program the sensor’s alarm for timed automatic sensitivity selection. Such as more sensitive at night and less sensitive during the day, for instance. You can also program the control panel to provide multi-stage operation per sensor.


Compatible sensor bases for 4098-9714 Simplex


4098-9792 – This is a standard sensor base.


4098-9789 – This is a sensor base with wired connections for 2098-9808 remote LED alarm indicator or 4098-9822 Unsupervised Relay.


4098-9791 – This is a sensor base with supervised relay driver output.


4098-9794 – This is a sounder base.


4098-9751 – This is a truealarm duct smoke sensor housing.

12 months warranty

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