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Simplex 4098-9792 - Detector Base

Simplex 4098-9792 - Detector Base

The 4098-9792 Simplex Standard Sensor Base


The 4098-9792 Simplex is an addressable Standard Sensor Base. Therefore, compatible with a variety of TrueAlarm Detector Heads.


This sensor base contains essential addressable electronics, which constantly monitor the status of the adjustable photoelectric or heat sensors.


Main features:


  • Every four seconds, each sensor’s output is transmitted to the fire alarm control panel.
  • Automatic identification provides default sensitivity when substituting sensor types.
  • Red LED light for power-on (pulsing) or alarm or trouble (steady on).
  • Locking anti-tamper design mounts on standard outlet box.
  • Magnetically operated functional test.


Base mounted address selection


  • The address remains with its programmed location.
  • It is accessible from the front, with DIP switch under the sensor.


Since TrueAlarm sensors use the same base, different sensor types can be used with 4098-9792, to meet specific requirements. The 4098-9792 Simplex sensor base also allows intentional sensor substitution during building construction. When conditions are temporarily dusty, for instance, you don’t need to cover the smoke sensors, disabling them.


In this case, heat sensors may be installed without the need to reprogram the control panel. Even if the control panel indicates an incorrect sensor type, the heat sensor will operate at a default sensitivity. As a result, you will have heat detection for building protection at that location.


Mounting Requirements: 4” octagonal or 4” square box, 1-1/2” min. depth; or single gang box, 2” min. depth.


Compatible TrueAlarm sensor for 4098-9792 SIMPLEX base:


  • 4098-9714 – This is a photoelectric smoke sensor.
  • 4098-9774 – This is a photoelectric smoke sensor.
  • 4098-9733 – This is a heat sensor.
  • 4098-9778 – This is a heat sensor.
  • 4098-9734 – This is a high-temperature heat sensor.
  • 4098-9832 – This is an adapter plate.

12 months warranty

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