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SYSTEM SENSOR 65mm Water Flow Sensor

SYSTEM SENSOR 65mm Water Flow Sensor

UL ModelULC ModelPipe SizeHole SizeShipping Weight
WFD20WFD20A1¼˝4.2 lbs.
WFD25WFD25A2½˝1¼˝4.3 lbs.
WFD30-2WFD30-2A4.5 lbs.
WFD35WFD35A3½˝1¼˝4.7 lbs.
WFD40WFD40A5.2 lbs.
WFD50WFD50A6.3 lbs.
WFD60*WFD60A6.8 lbs.
WFD80*WFD80A7.5 lbs.
A3008-00Retard mechanism   
A77-01-02Terminal block   
546-7000Tamper-proof switch kit   

Tamper-proof wrench

for cover

WFDN4Gasket kit   


*Maximum pressure rating 400 psi as approved by Factory Mutual.

12 months warranty

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