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Fire Protection
Service & Maintenance

Fire Protection System Service & Maintenance

Are you tired of constantly worrying about the safety of your building's fire protection system? Look no further than Hegel's Corrective and Preventative Maintenance Plan.

Our customizable monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual maintenance plans ensure that your fire protection system is always up to code and functioning properly. In addition, our team of experts will perform thorough testing and inspections of your system and complete any necessary repairs to guarantee the safety of you, your assets, and your building.

Please don't leave the safety of your building and its occupants to chance. Let Hegel's Corrective and Preventative Maintenance Plan give you peace of mind and confidence in your fire protection system. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.


At HEGEL, we understand that safety is paramount to you and your business. That's why we are dedicated to providing top-notch fire maintenance services that ensure your safety systems are always compliant and fully functional.

Our streamlined reports are kept on file at all times, providing easy access to your safety systems' status. In addition, we offer routine repairs and significant reconfigurations, with off-hour testing and inspection available to avoid disruptions during business hours. Whether you need quarterly, bi-annual, or annual plans, we've got you covered.

We also offer courtesy reminders for all maintenance calls, making it easy for you to stay on top of your safety system maintenance schedule. In addition, our preventative maintenance plans are designed to ensure that you are always within regulations, and we always provide full disclosure on any repairs needed.

At HEGEL, we have the resources of a national company, providing you with the best in quality and customer care. With our 24-hour crew just a phone call away, you can rest easy knowing that your fire protection system is in good hands. Let us be your valuable partner in ensuring the safety of your life and business. Contact us today to set up a preventative maintenance plan.

We service and maintain:


  • Conventional Fire Alarm System

  • Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • UV/IR Fire Detection System

  • Firemen Intercom System

  • Public Address System

  • Fire Hose Reel System

  • Automatic Sprinkler System

  • Wet Pipe Sprinkler System

  • Dry Pipe Sprinkler System

  • Deluge Sprinkler System

  • Pre-Action Sprinkler System

  • Foam-Water Sprinkler System

  • Water Spray Sprinkler System


  • Wet Riser System

  • Dry Riser System

  • Down Comer System

  • Pressurized Hydrant System

  • External Hydrant System

  • Deluge System

  • AFFF Foam Pourer System

  • High & Low-Pressure Co2 System

  • Wet Chemical System

  • FM200® System

  • Inergen® System

  • Argonite® System

  • Pyrogen® System



  • NAF - S125® System

  • Inertec® System

  • Novec 1230® System

  • Smoke Spill Fan System

  • Pressurisation Fan System

  • Smoke Extraction System

  • Smoke Ventilation System

  • Emergency Lights

  • 'EXIT' Signs

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher

  • Fire Rated Doors

  • Fire Rated Shutters/Gravity Shutters

Let's Work Together

Drop us an email at for a free quote or click on our Customer Service Whatsapp chat icon to speak to any of our Commercial Specialist.

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