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Fire Safety Audit

Fire Safety Audit

Fires may have a severe financial impact on enterprises of all sizes, damaging the livelihoods of business owners, operators, and employees and resulting in bankruptcies in many circumstances. No matter how large or small, a fire can devastate a business's infrastructure and stock, resulting in significant productivity and financial losses. According to statistics, numerous companies that experience a fire do not operate following the catastrophe.


As a result, it is vital for company owners and insurers to apply all possible fire protection strategies and guarantee that buildings and persons are safeguarded from fire damage. Installing appropriate fire alarm systems and extinguishers and drafting and maintaining a fire safety strategy may help business owners achieve this.


We undertake fire safety audits that include an inspection of the premises, fire alarm systems, firefighting equipment, and necessary papers related to fire safety management on the premises. In addition, our engineers do walk-through inspections and speak with employees to ensure that they are aware of fire safety issues.


We utilise our extensive knowledge of flames and their causes to give a practical assessment of the capabilities of inhabitants to prevent a fire from igniting. In addition, we draw on our extensive expertise studying fires in various settings to assess the inhabitants' abilities to limit the spread of fire.


We ask the residents to show that they have followed the fire safety criteria set out by local rules and agencies during our audits. We also inspect the following fire prevention systems for sufficiency and effectiveness:


  • Fire alarm and firefighting equipment

  • Emergency procedures are used to instruct on what to do in the event of a fire

  • Records of staff training and fire drills

  • Forms of testing and maintenance of the fire alarm system

  • Forms of testing and maintenance of the emergency lighting

  • Forms of testing and maintenance of firefighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers


Our fire safety audits usually end with a walk around the property to highlight issues and validate the accuracy of everything covered.


Business owners looking to confirm compliance with applicable local norms and regulations and insurers seeking validation of policy warranties have used these audits.


Our objective is to advise and educate the responsible person on the premises about complying with local rules and standards and the insurance policy terms and conditions, not to detect breaches or document inadequacies.

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