We don't hire based on an academic degree or qualification. Experience, dedication, attitude, aptitude and responsibility is vital.

Work for HEGEL from anywhere. We believe great people will produce excellent work anywhere. Jakarta, Muscat, Doha or a quiet village in Cebu No need to move to your dream job. 

We hire globally, and you work locally. Join our team and work as you like. Life is already difficult. Make work a fun thing. Break all the rules, come in late, go off early, play games at work, spend hours on the phone. Or even work in your boxer. Literally. Yea. Who cares. We don't care. As long as you get your work done.


HEGEL is a partially distributed team. It is a decision we had to make at the end of 2015, and it is interesting to reflect on that decision now. We are happy to report that we are in love with the choice we made to be distributed all across the world. When we say we are a distributed team, we mean that we are spread across the whole planet. HEGEL is a team of 85 right now.


The Joys and Benefits of Working as a Distributed Team


WE think the distributed team discussion is often focused on the challenges. We wanted to share from our experience the fun side of being distributed, which we believe far outweighs the challenges:


1. Our team is super productive


The thing about hiring people for a distributed team is that they need to be self-motivated and productive working at home, coffee shops or a co-working space. We have a 45-day contract period to see how this goes and we look especially for people who have worked as freelancers or on startups. Everyone on board is incredibly smart, and it is humbling to work with them.


2. Team members have incredible amounts of freedom


Have a family event coming up and need to travel on Friday? No problem. Want to take off to Bali or Gran Canaria for a few weeks and work from there? Excellent – please share photos :) These things have all happened and are regular occurrences within our distributed team. It is the little things too, like being able to avoid a commute and spend more time with family. We do not have working hours, and we do not measure times at all. We are all excited about our vision, and we focus on results, balance, and sustained productivity.


3. It feels like the future


Even being able to share the locations of all my co-workers when WE meet others and chat about HEGEL is so much fun and exciting. WE think it provides a great story, rather than all of us being in the same office each day. People ask how we manage it and we share our workflows and tools. We call HipChat our office, and Sqwiggle is our conference room. We genuinely believe that how we are set up will be very normal in a few years. There are certainly challenges, and we are still figuring a lot of it out. It is fun and an enormous privilege to be able to be part of this innovation and experiment and share our learning.


4. We are learning so much about the world


People within the team speak lots of different languages and talking with each other we learn about what it is like to grow up elsewhere in the world. We think carefully about shaping our culture further and how our choices might affect the various cultures within the team.


5. We travel the world to work together three times a year


Part of the DNA of HEGEL is that we travelled all over the world for much of the first two years. This is something that has been sustained and is part of our values (and many in the team have lived up to this value by travelling in the context of the group).


6. Timezone make you awesome


Finally, you can look at timezone as an inconvenience, or you can embrace them and discover the magic of the time difference. An essential part of our vision is to set the bar for customer support. We obsessively track the happiness of our clients and our speed to respond to them. We reply to 80% of emails within 1 hour. We could not achieve this level of service without being spread across multiple time zones. Timezone is a huge help for our development cycle too – with engineers in the US, UK, Asia and Africa, we never stop working.

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