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Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets

HSE Policy

HSE Policy


Hegel Engineering Sdn Bhd is committed to achieving a Zero Incident workplace by prioritizing the safety of our staff during working operations, ensuring the health of our personnel, customers, suppliers, and contractors, minimizing environmental impacts associated with our activities, keeping the authorities and public informed, and complying with applicable legislation.

To achieve this objective, we follow these principles every day at all sites:

  1. Remove or alleviate hazardous situations to minimize risks to personnel

  2. Set HSE performance objectives, measure results, and assess and continually improve processes through an effective management system.

  3. Monitor the health of our personnel regularly to ensure they have the physical ability to perform their duties.

  4. Guarantee and monitor that our activities have minimal impact on the environment.

  5. Minimize our environmental impact through pollution prevention, reduction of natural resource consumption and emissions, and the reduction and recycling of waste.

  6. Apply our technical skills to all HSE aspects in designing and engineering our services and products.

  7. Promote awareness of issues related to HSE among our employees and contractors, improving their skills through appropriate training programs and information.

  8. Develop, maintain, and test procedures and resources for dealing with emergencies to reduce the impact of incidents to a minimum.

  9. Report and analyze all accidents, incidents, and anomalies

  10. Monitor our performance and check our management system to improve rules and procedures in conducting our activities

  11. Maintain a consistent and transparent dialogue with authorities, local realities, and other stakeholders by openly communicating our HSE policies, standards, programs, and performance.

At Hegel Engineering Sdn Bhd, we believe that our commitment to safety, health, and the environment is an essential part of our business culture and contributes to the success of our organization.

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