UL Model ULC Model Pipe Size Hole Size Shipping Weight
WFD20 WFD20A 1¼˝ 4.2 lbs.
WFD25 WFD25A 2½˝ 1¼˝ 4.3 lbs.
WFD30-2 WFD30-2A 4.5 lbs.
WFD35 WFD35A 3½˝ 1¼˝ 4.7 lbs.
WFD40 WFD40A 5.2 lbs.
WFD50 WFD50A 6.3 lbs.
WFD60* WFD60A 6.8 lbs.
WFD80* WFD80A 7.5 lbs.
A3008-00 Retard mechanism      
A77-01-02 Terminal block      
546-7000 Tamper-proof switch kit      

Tamper-proof wrench

for cover

WFDN4 Gasket kit      


*Maximum pressure rating 400 psi as approved by Factory Mutual.

SYSTEM SENSOR 150mm Water Flow Sensor

  • Shipped and delivered to all states and districts in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Shipping and delivery cost is based on total weight of item and option of Express or Standard shipping and delivery. Calculated cost of shipping and delivery based on your order and your shipping preferences will be shown in your cart page.


    Express Shipping 1 to 2 working days
    Standard Shipping 3 to 4 working days
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