Room Integrity Test (Door Fan Test)

Room Integrity Test (Door Fan Test)


Fire suppressing agents are designed to protect rooms in addition to using traditional sprinkler methods.

  • 59% of Clean Agent systems FAILED to keep out fire and smoke.*

  • Agents MUST remain in the room for a specified time for proper suppression to occur.

  • Room Integrity Testing is the only National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recognised test to determine agent retention time and room leakage.

NFPA Requirement On Room Integrity Test

Compliance with NFPA 2001 (2008 ED.) requires :

  • Clause 7.4 The enclosure protected by the clean agent shall be thoroughly inspected at least every 12 months to determine if penetrations or other changes have occurred that could adversely affect agent leakage or change volume of hazard, or both. Where the inspection indicates conditions that could result in the inability to maintain the clean agent concentration, the conditions shall be corrected.

  • Clause 7.2.3 Where external visual inspection indicates the container is damaged, additional strength tests shall be required.

  • Clause 7.6.1 All persons who could be expected to inspect, test, maintain or operate fire systems must be highly trained.

  • Clause All total flooding systems shall have the enclosure examined and tested to locate and effectively seal any s