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Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

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In all types of buildings, such as residential, commercial and industrial buildings, the best mechanical, electrical and plumbing services are always required.

Apart from having a well-planned architecture and robust construction, a building will need quality mechanical, electrical and plumbing services which can assure compliance with regulatory authorities requirements and to work properly. This criterion may sound obvious, but finding the best solution for the project in hand is not always that obvious. The best option should be crafted with many features, including functionality, compliance with the health and safety regulations, being environmentally friendly, compatibility with the core architecture, among others.

So, what does it take to craft such solution? Moreover, when should it be implemented?

Continuing with the obvious, it will take lots of expertise to craft the best solution for a very specific building project, which should include practical study, thoughtful analysis and a very proactive approach.

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According to the requirements of a project, specialization in the fields of air conditioning, ventilation systems, fire protection systems, domestic cold water systems, sanitary and wastewater systems, LPG and natural gas systems, boiler and steam piping systems, elevators and escalators, electrical general services, and some other areas is a must.

As you can see, this takes many details to be considered and a right amount of engineering to be performed, which is why you should not get into it all alone.

Now, talking about the best time to implement the solution, the answer is that it should be applied from the very beginning. The only way to make sure that the building will be functioning properly during operation, continuing that way upon completion of the project is having the best mechanical, electrical and plumbing services installed, meaning that the solution should be implemented from the very beginning. This way you will avoid the need of redesign and renovation activities, and the expenses this type of activities carry with them.

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To summarize, the best practice is to partner with an excellent team of expert engineers and technical specialists, who will be able to provide their expertise to find the best solution for the project case. Whether you are the developer of the project, the owner of the building or you are providing consultation, you will have to find the people that will help you cover all the details on the fields mentioned before. It is not an easy task, yet it is a very achievable one.

All right, but where can I find this help?

If you have gotten here, then you do not need to worry about it. Hegel Engineering counts on a group of experienced and respected experts in the industry to help you out. Even if you already have a building with systems running, but you require redesign for renovations, retrofitting of facilities to meet new regulations and codes, or to support new uses and the design of new systems, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers at Hegel Engineering will cover your back.

With a range of services including installation, testing and commissioning of air conditioning systems including district cooling plants, power and lighting, fire-fighting systems, sewage and storm water pump stations, as well as CCTV networks and building management systems, plus investigating, analyzing, trouble-shooting, and commissioning existing systems, Hegel Engineering has a lot to offer you.

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