HEGEL Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate Testing Services

HEGEL Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate Testing Services

Under normal circumstances and satisfactory storage conditions, foam concentrates manufactured by reputable companies should maintain their quality for years. However, no matter how good the foam concentrate, deterioration can take place in many ways, and it is therefore recommended to monitor the quality. Summarized below are some of the causes of degradation of the foam concentrate:

  • Dilution or evaporation.

  • Topping off with inferior or incompatible products.

  • Excessively high or low storage temperatures.

  • Unsuitable storage conditions.

Regular Sampling and Evaluation Can Detect:

  • Deterioration of the foam concentrate.

  • Accumulation of sediment in low areas which could cause proportioning problems when the system is activated. NFPA-11 recommends that all foam systems shall be thoroughly inspected and checked for proper operation annually. The inspection shall include performance evaluation of the foam concentrate or premix solution quality.

Laboratory Analysis

An unbiased analysis of the foam samples provided for the user’s consideration. The recommended method for evaluating the condition of foam concentrate is to complete the tests listed below. These are part of the Lab Analysis:

  • Specific Gravity