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Benefits Of Fire Maintenance Plans

Fire safety equipment protects you, your employees, customers and your premises. Whether you are the owner of a hotel, manager of a care home, or the landlord of a residential building or an office, you need to have a fire equipment maintenance plan in place.

In a worse case (and very real) scenario, the difference between a properly maintained fire protection system and a neglected one could be the contrast between preparedness and disaster in an emergency.

When it comes to fire safety equipment, 99% reliability isn’t good enough. Find out below why having a fire maintenance plan is vital.

Planned, Preventative Fire Maintenance

You never want to have to use your fire safety equipment, but in the unfortunate case it’s required, you need to know with 100% certainty it will work.

Planned and preventative fire maintenance should be carried out throughout the life of the premises, helping identify worn or outdated parts. By carrying out scheduled fire safety maintenance, faulty and poor equipment can be timely replaced before complete failure.

Preparation and planning ahead is the only way to be sure you’ll be ready for an emergency. You need a fire alarm system that’s tested and ready to alert you at the first sign of danger; fire extinguishers that are located in the right place and prepared to fight the flames; and emergency lighting that won’t go out when you need it to guide the way to safety. Most of all, they all need to guarantee you’re compliant with fire safety regulations.

At Hegel, our experienced team can provide fire alarm, emergency lighting, extinguisher maintenance and flexible, comprehensive fire maintenance plans to keep you prepared and compliant. After all, a plan will make sure you’re always up to date.

We provide you with confidence that the work is being carried out by qualified hands.

Stay Compliant

Fire maintenance plans are vital in helping you remain compliant with fire safety equipment standards. There’s a lot to consider in your business, and fire safety probably isn’t always at the top of your concerns, but if you get a visit from a BOMBA Officer – it’s definitely at the top of theirs.

Failing to meet fire regulations can be punitive and could threaten the existence of your business.

When it comes to regulations, there’s a lot to cover. First, every business must conduct a fire risk assessment and take the necessary steps, but it’s also essential to keep up these preparedness standards.

Inspectors are very fond of picking on issues like locked fire exit doors, blocked escape routes, and inadequate fire equipment maintenance.

Planned and preventative maintenance will ensure any of these issues are picked up and resolved to keep you compliant and prepared.

Cost Management Strategies

Fire safety is not a choice. You need to invest in your business to keep it thriving and safe, and adequate fire safety equipment that’s fit for purpose and compliant is a statutory requirement.

Keeping track of finances can be difficult, but you need to invest in your fire safety. That’s why Hegel makes investing in fire safety maintenance and fire safety services manageable so you can have peace of mind during unprecedented times.

We offer the opportunity to move to a monthly subscription model for your fire safety equipment maintenance with our Diamond Maintenance Plan. This plan spreads the cost of your routine maintenance, including any spare parts, over the year in 12 monthly instalments. It’s ideal for budgeting, but it also helps your cash flow.

At Hegel, we aim to provide services that inspire confidence. We want to support our clients with their fire safety and make sure they’re prepared for any outcome. We know that things like money and people matter, so they become essential to our considerations.

Hegel can help organize and teach fire safety training and workshops to prepare your staff for an unexpected fire this holiday season. Contact Hegel today for more details on fire protection services, equipment, and training.


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